Programs provided through The Communication Clinic are targeted to assist individuals with understanding the specific needs of the client.
Programs are offered in the clinic, at home, in community or education settings and consist of:
  • Social Communication: A range of group and individual programs to develop social communication skills. 

  • Early Communication: Individual therapy, small group therapy, Hanen parent training and individual Hanen interventions..

  • Enjoyable Eating: Individual or group therapy targeting fussy eaters and individuals with dysphagia/ difficulties eating and drinking.

  • Language Links: Language groups and indivdual therapy for clients with receptive and expressive language delays and disorders.

  • Literacy Links: Individual therapy for individuals with reading and spelling difficulties.

  • Fluency Fun: Lidcombe program intervention for children who stutter. We also offer intervention for adults with dysfluency.

  • Speech: Individual intervention for children with tongue tie, speech sound delays or disorders and adults with acquired or developmental speech disorders including dysarthria and apraxia.

  • Voice: Individual intervention for individuals with voice disorders such as vocal nodules, hoarse voice, hyper or hyponasal voice e.g. due to cleft palate.

  • AAC: Dynamic assessment and intervention for alternative and augmentative communication options including high (e.g. computer, iPad/ tablet, apps) and low tech options (e.g. key word sign, visual supports). 
Service summary:
Please contact the office for pricing specific to you requirements

  • Comprehensive assessment (2 x 1 hour appointments and summary report)    Up to $175 p/h
  • Screen assessment (1 hour and summary report)  Up to $180

Comprehensive report
  • NDIS - hourly rate (maximum 2 hours)
  • Private - $90

Individual intervention - $90 - $174
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour 

Group Interventions - $90 - $100
  • Social Communication 
  • Food Fussiness
  • Preschool Language  
  • Play skills

Parent Programs - $2000 total (8 x 2.5 hour parent training sessions and 4 home visits)
  • It Takes Two To Talk
  • More Than Words
  • TalkAbility

Payment is required at the time of your appointment
We provide services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Medicare, Private Health Funds, Third Party Insurance, FaHCSIA (Helping Children with Autism and Better Start programs).